Kodiak’s trained , uniformed officers serve a wide range of customers, including automotive dealerships, hotels, banks, construction sites, airports, apartment complexes, and a variety of other sites.

We also provide access control and crowd control for events such as dances, auctions, private parties, concerts, and many more.

Kodiak Security offers individuals and businesses personal protection if needed.  You can't put a price on safety and security!


A standing officer is an officer that stays at the site for prolonged periods of time. For example: You own or manage a medical supply building and you want someone to watch your property while you’re not there. Our officers would perform rounds (either by foot or by vehicle) of the facility on a regular basis to ensure that your property is protected. We specialize in site security.


Our main office will write a post orders manual to be implemented at your location. This manual would include such things as:

Unarmed Security Guards Spokane
  • Important telephone numbers.
  • Work schedules of essential personnel, work areas and special monitoring.
  • The log sheet for individuals in and out of the facility.
  • Any operational procedures that are necessary for the safety and security of your facility(s).
  • A digital camera will be available to officers for photographic proof in case of an incident.
  • A senior staff member will be trained to work your site in case of emergency.
  • Kodiak officers will do a shift activity log that would be left at the facility at the end of the shift.
  • A separate incident report will be written in case of an incident.
  • Our evening patrol supervisor will make routine visits to your site(s) to assist and answer officer questions.
  • Our Standing Officers are provided with a reporting device with GPS tracking to verify that they are performing the rounds you, the client, are requesting. You can receive daily reports about issues and incidents that occurred on your site as well as verifying the times our officers made their rounds.

Kodiak Security Services has the capability of providing three different uniforms for your specific security needs. You can make the decision for what is the best fit for your location and/or circumstance. For example: a foreign dignitary may prefer that the two armed officers they have hired not wear their traditional uniform as to not alarm the general public. Therefore, they have requested that the two officers wear the dress uniform in order to keep the situation much more relaxed.

We provide: Armed Security Guard Services | Standing Security Guard Services | Security Vehicle Patrol | Security Alarm Response

Serving across Spokane, Spokane Valley, Airway Heights, Cheney, Post Falls, Coeur d'Alene, and the surrounding areas.

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