Em-paw-yee Spotlight: Sergeant Sai

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Meet Sergeant Sai, our most adorable Anti-Squirrel Defense Coordinator at Kodiak Security Services. Sergeant Sai has been with us for six years and is by far the best paw-tector on the team.

While it’s hard to put into words Sergeant Sai’s importance, we’re featuring him this month on our blog to show our appreciation and love.

He woofs the bad guys away!
What makes Sai unique is that he is always diligent when it comes to working. He is on hand to warn intruders of his presence and alert staff of any danger. He produces a hearty WOOF, and the bad guys take off! When he’s not chasing off bad guys or squirrels, Sai will do tricks for treats by shaking your hand or standing on his hind legs.

Sai brings calm and joy to our office. He’s always in a good mood when in the office because so many people give him belly rubs! When we’re stressed or overwhelmed with work, we take a moment to sit with Sai, and he cheers us up and helps us through tough days.

Recently one of our employees discovered that Sai at the workplace makes them happier, lowers stress levels, and helps create a comfortable, flexible environment. Sai creates camaraderie within the workplace and triggers interactions that may not have happened without him.

It’s clear that we at Kodiak Security Services adore Sai, and he deserves a long string of awards and treats!

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