Five Tips To Keep Your Home Safe When You’re On Vacation

Author: Aki Peterson | | Categories: Alarm Monitoring , Security Agency , Security Guards , Security Officers , Security Personnel

Blog by Kodiak Security Services

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were many changes taking place all around. One of the most challenging was working remotely. People were advised not to leave their homes and to handle as much as they could without coming in contact with anyone else. The change meant that they could no longer meet people, with most of the communication moving online to virtual or video calls, telephone calls, and other such meetings.

With the changing of the rules, people were soon allowed to visit places like restaurants in small numbers. There were many changes taking place across the board as well, and with the stress and anxiety, everyone needed a holiday. With the working from home schedule, offices were closed for the most part, and companies started installing security systems that would allow them to get through processes and make sure their office spaces were safe without having to go in.

Working at a company dealing with security systems, we learned early on that most people get in touch with us only after they have had a break-in, to prevent the next one. We would suggest everyone take as many precautions as possible to stay safe. We created a list of steps they can follow if they plan on staying safe, especially if they are leaving their homes. We would also suggest getting a security system that they can follow remotely for a live stream wherever the person is.

Tip #1: Lock the doors and windows
Locking up might seem too obvious to mention, but an estimated 32% of burglars enter through unlocked doors. Windows are also weak points, so keep them closed and locked, even on the upper floors. A clever burglar can still access them, and an open window anywhere in the house might let in animals, rain, or wind.

Tip #2: Clear out the mailbox
Mail piling up is a tip-off that no one’s home. Have a trusted neighbor, friend, or house-sitter collect your mail and keep it safely out of sight. Alternatively, you can request a temporary mail hold or mail forwarding through If you subscribe to any newspapers or subscription boxes, pause your delivery.

Tip #3: Use lights to create the illusion that someone’s home
Darkness is another trademark of an empty house — it also allows thieves to sneak in undetected. Significantly reduce that vulnerability by leaving a few lights on. Better yet, use motion detector lights to illuminate any intruders or opt for smart lighting so you can set the lights to a timer and control them remotely. Many people who might not be home for more than a week might consider leaving their lights on giant waste. To prevent these changes they can use motion detector lights, which would turn on when someone is walking past and turn back off.

Tip #4: Keep the yard maintained
Unless you have an extremely low-care yard, the lawn or garden will need attention if you’re gone long enough. Make sure your landscaping professional continues working in your absence, and if you don’t have one, ask a neighbor or hire temporary help. If you live in a wintry climate, consider snow removal as well. Yards tend to get messy when no one is around, and that can be quite an issue because it is the tale that the house is temporarily empty.

Tip #5: Don’t broadcast your plans online
Don’t post about your vacation on social media until after you return (and make sure your kids don’t either). By sharing travel plans, you’re advertising that your house will be empty. You can never be completely sure who sees that information, especially if you have many followers or a public profile. Depending on the neighborhood you live in and the kind of assistance you would receive from others when you are not around, you might not want to make the fact that you are leaving known. You can always click those pictures and post them later.

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