Five Tips to Help Deter Unwanted Guests On Your Property

Author: Aki Peterson | | Categories: Alarm Monitoring , Commercial Security , Event Security , Warehouse Security

Blog by Kodiak Security Services

Every property has many different security threats to predict and manage, but unauthorized entry is among the most common and the most difficult to control. And now more than ever, our collective vigilance is at an all-time high. Property owners need to take certain steps to help protect their buildings and the people inside. To help keep your home safe, the experts at Kodiak Security Services have created a list of five great ways to prevent unwanted visitors from entering your property.

1. Cut power to outside outlets
This prevents unwanted persons from using your power to charge devices, run power cords to their camper, etc. Doing this will also deter people from camping on or near your property.

2. Turn the water off to outside faucets
External faucets without handles and which require a special key to turn on are most effective. You will prevent not only theft of your resources but will also reduce the chances of flooding and water damage to your property if left on by a transient or vandal.

3. Lock dumpsters and recycling bins
People searching your garbage are looking for food or items they can use and sell. Unfortunately, this usually ends up with a mess in your parking pace. Padlock your bins, and if possible, secure dumpsters in a locked or fenced area. If someone has dumped trash on your property, unfortunately, you will be the one that removes the trash. But keep in mind that leaving trash on the ground is just an invitation for others to dump their garbage too.

4. Paint over graffiti
If your property has been hit by graffiti artists, it is essential to remove or cover it up as soon as possible. Graffiti attracts other artists as well. Painting over the surface also provides the opportunity to use glossy enamel, which may resist future vandalism better than a flat finish. Having extra paint on hand will ensure a perfect match if graffiti returns. High traffic areas can be protected with a clear sacrificial coating that allows for rapid and complete removal of any new activity. Once the graffiti is removed, it no longer acts as a magnet for others to do the same. The real goal of any graffiti removal is to project an image of cleanliness and care.

5. Keep trees and bushes trimmed
Overgrown landscaping is a great place for transients to hide and camp. Either remove foliage or keep your bushes and trees neatly trimmed back to prevent campsites from popping up on your property.

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