Busted! Don’t Believe These Security Guard Myths!

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A security guard plays an invaluable role in ensuring the safety of people and property. However, their significance can often go unnoticed. This is due to the little understanding of the nature of their job.

Security guards can be found in almost any business, from office buildings, shopping malls, and parking garages that you frequent. It is more important to realize that security guards are among the strongest defenses against safety and security threats.

Unfortunately, many people don’t really know what a security guard does every day, which has led to many misconceptions about their profession. At Kodiak Security Services, we want to dispel some of these outrageous security guar myths. As a result, we have debunked below a few of the most common misconceptions about these professionals.

Myth 1: Security guards are untrained and unskilled
This is a common myth but couldn’t be more inaccurate. The security guard industry is regulated, and the state of Washington has strict requirements for educating and training all licensed guards. New hires must complete an eight-hour course and pass a lengthy exam.

Myth 2: Security guards are bad at public relations
While security guards often serve in a fairly inconspicuous capacity, that doesn’t mean that they cannot interact appropriately with the public when the situation arises. Today’s guards are trained to provide excellent customer service and communicate professionally with their customers, employees, guests, and public officials. They provide information in a friendly, helpful manner to optimize the customer’s experience with your business.

Myth 3: Security guards don’t really do anything
Unfortunately, television shows and movies portray a stereotype of security guards who do little more than sit in a guard shack or watch security cameras. In reality, these highly-trained professionals not only guard people and property but have the training necessary to provide accurate threat assessments and respond to a variety of dangers and unexpected situations. All of our guards have First-Aid and CPR training as well as Active Shooter Training.

Myth 4: Every security guard has a gun
This is because security guards fulfill a wide range of roles; not all carry guns. Some sites do not require armed guards. However, armed guards receive more comprehensive training since they must meet Washington state’s standards for carrying a licensed firearm.

If you’re looking to steer clear of more myths like these, reach out to Kodiak Security Services. As one of the leading full-service security guard companies in Spokane Valley, WA, our goal is to be the best security company in the Inland Northwest. We can provide your business with qualified officers who are trained observers and are proactive in dealing with security issues. Our security services are available to clients across Spokane, Spokane Valley, Airway Heights, Cheney, Post Falls, Coeur D’Alene, and the surrounding areas.

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